How to Recover Delisted Assets

how to recover delisted assets

Delisting of a cryptocurrency from an exchange can be a daunting experience for investors, but all is not lost.

This article provides guidance on how to recover delisted assets and outlines support options for various exchanges.


CZ – Binance

Understanding Delisting

Delisting is the removal of a cryptocurrency and its trading pairs from an exchange. It occurs when a token fails to meet the exchange’s standards or requirements​​.

Exchanges like Bitfinex, Coinbase, and CoinEx regularly review listed projects, and those failing to comply with their criteria are delisted​​​​.

Notification Process

Exchanges inform users about upcoming delistings through various channels, including announcements on their websites, emails, and social media platforms.

These notifications include crucial details like the deadline for token deposits, withdrawals, and cessation of trading for the affected pairs​​.

Recovery Process

If you miss the withdrawal deadline for a delisted token, some exchanges may still attempt to recover your funds, but this is not guaranteed.

For example, Bitfinex evaluates the feasibility of recovery and may charge a fee if recovery is successful​​​​.

Coinbase offers an asset recovery service for certain ERC-20 assets, allowing verified customers to transfer lost funds to a self-custodial wallet​​.

Steps for Recovery on Specific Exchanges

  • Bitfinex:
    • Delisted token recovery is possible up to 2 months after the withdrawal closure.
    • Contact Bitfinex Support for assistance​​​​.
  • Coinbase:
    • Recovery is available for certain ERC-20 assets.
    • Follow the steps provided on Coinbase’s Asset Recovery page​​.
  • CoinEx:
  • Binance:
    • Users are notified in advance, and specific instructions for withdrawal or other actions are provided.
    • If you hold delisted tokens on Binance and face challenges in recovering them, it is advisable to reach out to their customer support immediately for guidance.

Best Practices

  • Act Promptly: Withdraw or trade your delisted assets before the deadline.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check exchange announcements and emails for updates on listed assets.
  • Contact Support: If in doubt or facing issues, reach out to the exchange’s support team for guidance.

Exchange Support Contacts

ExchangeEmail ContactSupport Page Link
Bitfinexcs.bitfinex.comBitfinex Support
CoinbaseN/ACoinbase Asset Recovery
CoinExsupport@coinex.comCoinEx Help Center
Binancesupport@binance.comBinance Support


So now you know how to recover delisted assets, but the real key is to stay informed.

By staying informed and following the recovery processes, investors can minimize potential losses from delisted assets.

Always consult the exchange’s support team for personalized assistance and guidance.

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